Whole home generator with automatic transfer switch installed at my mothers house this month. I’ve known Ricky since we were kids and wouldn’t use anybody else for anything electrical. Fast, conscientious, courteous and reasonable!

Scott Cole

Find the perfect property – and keep it running

RLC Service Group, Inc offers flexible real estate sales and property management services for both residential and commercial properties. With unwavering attention to detail and the highest quality of service, you can find the property that’s perfect for you.

If you’ve suffered from a power outage, you can rely on us for the sale and installation of a quality generator to ensure your power stays on! We offer both residential and commercial generators, so you can continue on like the power never went out!

Reliable generator services

  • Testing
  • Oil and filters
  • Installation and repair
  • Residential and commercial
  • Sales, service, and maintenance
  • Fuel connections – propane or natural gas

Residential generators

Don’t let an accident or major storm deprive you of your power. Our dedicated team can install your very own gas, fuel, or diesel generator for your home. We provide full-service, turnkey installation and maintenance of backup generators to ensure your home continues to stay powered during an outage. Our generators will remain outside like an AC unit and will come on automatically within seconds of detecting a power outage.

Commercial generators

Keep your business operating without interruption with a stand-by commercial generator. Our team of factory-trained technicians will provide you with reliable power, generator maintenance, and 24-hour emergency services. Contact us to see how we can help you keep your business running, even when everyone else has no power.